The role of law in society and its influence on law have many forms and expressions, depending on who engage with the law and who are those to whom the law is addressed. Law, on the one hand, operates as a universalizing factor, nevertheless, specific people in various life situations are confronted with its consequences, each equipped differently with individual experience and the ability to cope with it. The law is undoubtedly a very specific area of human activity. At the same time, it is a field that not only influences the society but is also vice versa shaped by it. In addition to lawyers, other actors are directly or indirectly involved in shaping the image of law. Therefore, legal research often requires methods that are capable of inspecting the law throughout the whole context of its social existence.


We invite all those interested in a similar approach at a conference dedicated to qualitative and interpretive methods in legal research. Contributions should focus on the methodological aspect of qualitative research: methods of data collection, interpretation of various types of data, and experience with this type of research in law in general. We are interested in research of anthropological, linguistic, ethnographic, narratological, sociological and other related fields dealing with law, its position and influence on society, the content of legal texts or texts about the law.


Abstracts with a maximum length of 300 words are accepted until June 30, 2018 on qrlconference@law.muni.cz.